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Register now to start in Sept. 2024

Kindergarten Registration

Registration for 2024-2025 opened on January 22, 2024

Children who will turn 5 during 2024 should register now for the upcoming 2024-25 School Year

AVS Kindergarten Registration is open to any appropriately aged student living within the Abbotsford School District. 

The siblings of continuing AVS students will be given priority (if they are registered before March 1, 2024). Placement for other students will then be based on the order in which the completed registrations were received at AVS, so it is important to register ASAP.  

All students registering for Kindergarten at AVS must register at their catchment school as well as complete the AVS registration form until AVS has confirmed that space is available. AVS will confirm if space is available by March 1 in most cases.  

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Out-of-district students may register at AVS, but in-district, students are given priority to new out-of-district students. Therefore, it is CRITICAL that new out-of-district students register at their catchment school as well as at AVS until confirmation of acceptance is received from AVS.  

How do I register for Kindergarten? 

To register, please fill out the registration form and select the "Fully Enrolled K-12" option at the bottom of the first page. Please register ASAP and before March 4, 2024. You do not need to/cannot register for K at AVS by entering a district lottery. Registration must be submitted through the registration form on our AVS website. 

In the Withdrawal section of the registration form, please enter the information for any other school or strong start where you have previously registered your child. Otherwise, enter "unlisted school" and NA into the other fields in the withdrawal section, so you can proceed to the rest of the registration form.  

Please submit COMPLETE registrations only with student ID and proof of address uploaded at the time of submission.  You must be able to present the originals of the documents that you upload in person at the school for confirmation if requested by the school at a future date. 

Acceptance is dependent on spaces available for all programs.