Resource Info

An Educational Resource Allotment is available for Full-Time Abbotsford Virtual Students that meet the following qualifications:

  • Students must be enrolled before September 30th. Please note: Enrollment requires completion of all of following:
  •  submission of registration form
  •  signed program agreement for current year
  •  completed initial assignment
  •  collaborative creation of student's learning plan
  • Access to Educational Resource Allotment must support the student's learning plan and is subject to approval by the student's teacher based on criteria outlined in initial meeting. 
  • Educational Allotment may be used towards:
  •  Consummable materials (learning resources) or electronic subscriptions as outlined in Child's Learning Plan.
  •  Services (i.e. swimming, skating, acting, art, martial arts, piano) that support the child's learning in Fine Arts and Physical Education. (Please note parents must create a billing arrangement with vendors and organizations so that the School District is billed directly.)

Please visit the Ministry of Education website for further information on Policies regarding Reimbursements to Learners and Parents. The Ministry no longer supports the educational allotment claims for internet services.